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Nardo Bonomi

Dear Jewishgenners and Duccio,

Im am working on an project of an Historical database of the Italian Jews
since some years.
This project entails:
1) Compile a list of resources
2) make the dataentry on the selected most relevant resources
3) build up a database
You can see a the result of the first phase at
I begun a selected data entry with some other researchers but it will take
lot of time.
In the page we'll put also the book quotated by Mathilde A. Tagger (L.
Picciotto Fargion. Il libro della memoria; gli ebrei deportati
dall'Italia (1943-1945). Milano, Mursia, 1991) that lists all the deportees
from Italy and Italian Dominions.
Nardo Bonomi

Greve in Chianti - Italia

Researching on:
BRAVERMAN >from Podolya
LUFT >from Galizia
GRUNBLATT >from Galizia

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From: "duccio leoni" <>

As a new subscriber, I have to say thank you already for the data you have
been able to collect and also with the help of Logan Kleinwaks I have been
able to find out more about my Polish ancestry.

I am an Italian naturalised British having lived here for the past 40++
years and I am surprised that you have no databases for the Italian Jews who
also perished in the Holocaust. If I am correct there have been over 4000
who have been transported or killed in Italy.

In researching the fate of my grandparents >from my father side who died in
Auschwitz, I travelled to Bologna and found that in the area, there was a
distinct presence before the war but now the numbers are so low that the
Bologna community is struggling in re-asserting their presence.

Over the years the Italian Government in a gesture of reparation has funded
or partially funded museums, memorial plaques etc.

Synagogues in Turin, Bologna and Florence have been re-built, so perhaps
some research may be initiated to help the likes of me who have relied so
far on the good heart of local people.

I will be interested to read any comments on the subject.

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