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On viewmate is
a picture of the grave in the Koczma Cemetery of Budapest for ASCHNER Herminne
szul WERTHEIMER Emma [Emmanuela] 1838-1933 and ASCHNER KLara [Dr. PAJZS
Tiborne] 1911-1947.

What is puzzling is that I cannot determine where the husbands are buried
and I haven't a clue who Klara is. I have an extensive list of ASCHNERs and she
doesn't show up on any of them. This is what I know :

Herman (Armin) Aschner born May 16, 1834 in Katlo (Pozsony megye).
He married Emmanuela Wertheimer born July 16, 1838 in Ellsodubovau.;
in 1882 Herman is in Nitra, a trader
Children of Herman Aschner and Emmanuela Wertheimer are:
1. Samu Aschner, born May 1870 in Berko.
2. Lipot Aschner, born January 27, 1872 in Assakurt, Nyitra Megye; died
January 18, 1952 in Budapest;
3. Szidonia (Cecelia) Aschner, born November 09, 1875 in Assakurt, Nyitra
Megye; died 1969 in Budapest.
4. Jakab Aschner born, November 06, 1882 in Nyitra Megye.
5. Lujza [Louisa] Aschner,born July 21, 1885 in Nyitra Megye.
6. Gyorgy (Mano) Aschner, born July 10, 1887 in Nitra Parovc 144, Nyitra
Megye. He marriedErzsebet Elsa Pallai; born February 08, 1894 in
Budapest.Notes for Gyorgy (Mano) Aschner:
7. Markus Aschner,born April 12, 1880 in Nyitra Megye.

There is no Klara anywhere to be found! I invite thoughts and ask whether
the inscription in Hebrew offers any clues.
Please reply privately. Thank you.

Linda Rakoff, Newton, MAssachusetts, USA
searching: ASCHNER-, Assakurte, Berko, Bratislava, Budapest , Hradiste,
Katlo, Kosice, Malacky, Nyitra, Spisska Nova Ves, Wien, Berlin, Beuthen/Bytom,
Breslau/Wroclaw,Brunovce, Danzig, Chorzow [Konigshutte], Kattowitz ,
LIFSITZ-Galati; GELLMAN-Kosice, GOLDMAN(N), LANGER -Kosice, Bolyar; Miskolc,
Presov; LOW'Y-Brezova, Hradiste, Spisska Nova Ves MELTZER, PERLBINDER,
LADENHEIM--Horodenka, Galicia, POLASCEK-Kosice, RAKOFF-Keilce,Russia,
RIESENBERG- Bolygen, Horodenka, Kasperowicz, Zaleschicki, GORDON-Moletai

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