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Gary Gershfield <gmgkpc@...>

It is with my sincere pleasure to announce the completion of the Cemetery
Restoration Project of the former town of Druzhkopol,located in the Volhynia
gubernia in present day Ukraine.

The project was completed by a group of Dartmouth College students,along with
their Rabbi Edward Boraz,who is the coordinator of Project Preservation.

I accompanied the Dartmouth group to the former Druzhkopol(present day
Zhuravniki).The site of the Jewish cemetery had been practically bare
with only 2 visible tomstones.After the construction began,approximately 21
tombstones were discovered.

A fence and gate was put up at the cemetery,as well as,at the Mass Grave. We had
a beautiful dedication ceremony and banquet with the local residents including
school officials,and the local priest and mayor.

I would like to extend special thanks to Rabbi Edward Boraz and the students for
making this event happen.
Gary Gershfield
New York

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