Re: 20 year limit for German Burials ? #germany

Irene Peters <iupfamilyresearch@...>

Yes, these limitations exist. I know that in my family we have renewed
graves in Germany several times before. However, I don't know what
they do with the bodies if a grave site does not get renewed - I guess
I have always been too reluctant to ask. Maybe someone else can shed
some light on this.

Irene Peters, uffpet@... Dallas, TX

Debby Painter, Michigan, USA <gincig@...>
Asked about this notice at a website for a cemetery in Dortmund:
"...Please note that the final resting places in Germany are not eternal,
due to lack of space. This cemetery has a "period of repose" of 20
years. Once the time is up for a renewal of the "lease" the cemetery
administration will place a small sticker on the gravestone to alert the
family to contact the office of the cemetery. Unless the family of the
deceased pays for another period of 30 years, or the grave is of
historical importance (in that case the town will carry the costs), it
will be leveled and re-used. Leftover stones will be collected and
eventually crushed and used as gravel in road construction...."

Is this really true?
If so, how does one find out what happened to family members buried?
Do they remove the bodies or bury new graves above them. Thank you,

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