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Errol Schneegurt

In the 1937/1938 American Jewish Year Book there is a discussion of the
active role IL Trever of Rome played in the anti-Jewish movement in Italy.
One reference in particular interested me of a publication dated April 10,
1937. In the words of the Year Book "what purports to be the completest
existing list of Italian Jewish Surnames."

New York Times Rome correspondent wrote: "What the object is remains
somewhat of a mystery unless the newspaper intends to suggest, as it seems
probable, that the persons whose name appear on the list are bad or doubtful
Italians of whom the mass population should beware".

I have tried to find a reference to this list on the web but could not.
There is some information related to the IL Trever but not this publication.
Someone with more experience in how to research these publications might be
more successful that I was.

I think this list might be of value if it could be found.

Errol Schneegurt NY

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