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On July 7, 1999 Judith Adler of Ramat Gan, Jael Hagibora 15 csaladi=Rokon,filed
a page of testimony for David ASCHNER of Ujpest, who was born aound
1914. Rozsi Helfgott is listed as 'lea'nykori neve'

I would like to have contact with her as I am researching the ASCHNER family
and David and Rozsi are a loose part of the puzzle. Can anyone contact her
about being in touch with me if they know her please? thank you.
Linda Rakoff
Newton, MAssachusetts, USA
ASCHNER-, Assakurte, Berko, Bratislava, Budapest, Hradiste, Katlo, Kosice,
Malacky, Nyitra, Spisska Nova Ves, Wien, Berlin, Beuthen/Bytom,
Breslau/Wroclaw,Brunovce, Danzig, Chorzow [Konigshutte], Kattowitz,
LIFSITZ-Galati; GELLMAN-Kosice, GOLDMAN(N), LANGER -Kosice, Bolyar; Miskolc,
Presov; LOW'Y-Brezova, Hradiste, Spisska Nova Ves MELTZER, PERLBINDER,
LADENHEIM-- Horodenka POLASCEK-Kosice, RIESENBERG- Horodenka, Kasperowicz,

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