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Marlene Bishow

Dear Robert:

Unfortunately >from your posting, I cannot tell where you are located and
that would help me to advise you.

You cannot assume that you ancestors were >from the city/town where the
burial society was from/for. I know this >from personal experience, as six of
my great grandparents are buried in Mt Zion and I have done extensive
research, but it is a good initial assumption. There are some records for
the various landmanshaft at YIVO in NY. You must visit to access them. >from
this material, you may be able to determine more information about the
society, its officers, etc. If you cannot find info there, suggest that you
call the Mt. Zion office and ask them who they have as the current contact
for that burial society. They may have a current name and phone number, but
maybe not. Last bet would be the Workman's Circle office to see if they have
info on the landsmanshaft. Also the NY State Cemetery commission has some
records on defunct burial societies and cemeteries.

You will also want to check out the American Jewish Yearbook to see if the
society is listed or if it is associated with a congregation. also, be sure
to check out the Yizkor book for the area that the society is >from and see
there are any recognizable names in the text and Necrology.

What is the chance that any of the relative buried in Mt. Zion were married
in NYC? If so, check the Groom's Index using Steve Morse's website.

Just a start, but I hope that it helps

Marlene Bishow
Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Washington
Rockville, MD

On Tue, 27 Jun 2006, Robert Corwin <> wrote

I have several questions-

- My mother's maternal grandparents >from Odessa (originally named
Kremenetsky) are buried in the "Rebeinu Chaim Hager Oestreicher KUV"
plot at Mt. Zion.

The JGSNY database list this as city: Austria, Society Type: All Others

Can anyone tell me anything about this society? It seems not related
to a particular Shtetl. Would my ggp likely have just found a
society with extra plots in 1916?...........................

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