Re: 20 year limit for German Burials ? #germany

David Seldner

Dear all,

as far as I know this lies in the responsibility of the cemetery owners,
usually churches or cities/villages. 20 years is a common time period,
but one can extend this period by "renting" the grave place for a
longer time. I think that the bodies are not removed but the soil
is mixed. But I am not really sure about this, since this lies in
the responsibility of the cemetery owners.

In particular, for Jewish cemeteries this is not the case. Since Jewish
graves are forever and the cemeteries belong to the Jewish communities,
Jewish cemeteries usually are for eternity. There might be exceptions,
but I have not heard of any. There exists an agreement with the German
state, so they take care of the older cemeteries (>from before 1945) -
usually the local municipality does this in cooperation with Jewish

David Seldner, seldner@..., Karlsruhe, Germany

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