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I have placed a postcard on ViewMate
and would much appreciate help in identifying the locality on the photograph.

The card was sent by my maternal grandfather, David MIRMOVITSCH, during
WW I - probably in 1916 - to my grandmother, living in Helsinki
(Helsingfors), Finland.My gf had been conscripted to the Russian army in
Finland and was sent with his unit to somewhere in Eastern Europe, >from
where he sent this postcard.

For those of you who read Yiddish:
I have also scanned and posted the reverse side of the card
The text in Yiddish mentions some localities which I'm unable to
identify. Perhaps this might help, assuming there is a direct link btw
the places mentioned in the text and those on the photo.

I would much appreciate any help. Please answer privately to:

Joel Blankett
Jerusalem, Israel
(formerly Helsinki, Finland)

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