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I can only be general regarding resources in Baltimore. The Pratt has a
remote "ask The Librarian" that might help you.
There is one Jewish funeral home in Baltimore, Sol Levinson and Brothers, and
for many years they have been the only one. Others have come and gone. This
website may take you to them. I would
also try The Jewish Museum because they have all sorts of genealogical
records, among them being records >from defunct funeral homes. I tried to look
for my Mother's funeral record and knew the date, the funeral director, etc.
They had records that should have included my Mother but they didn't so if it's
not there that's not proof that it didn't exist. Their website is .

Good luck.

Marcia Hoffman
Baltimore, MD

Before I start with death certificates, does someone know what is the
most efficient (remote) way to find information about a death in a
Baltimore Maryland construction accident in early 1906? I do not have a
precise date, but it was supposedly shortly before his son was born on 1
An indexed newspaper perhaps or someone >from the local Hevra Kadisha?
The burial may have been elsewhere, because the family was in Baltimore
on a temporary basis, because of the construction job. (Even if we find
a grave, I do not assume there is a tombstone.)

Israel Pickholtz

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