JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen 1899 CT City Directory - Define the Meaning of "F" ?? #general

Nancy Ring Kendrick <ringgenealogy@...>

In searching a database subscription site for ancestor Clementine RING (1879
Hungary - 1929 RI) in the CT city directories I located the following information:
Connecticut City Directories > Fairfield and Southport > 1899 > R Page 700
RING Clementina, MRS. bds Pine Creek, F Leopold , rem to Bridgeport.

The "F" Leopold is new to us and we are not sure what it represents. Could
some kind person please define the "F" next to the name Leopold? Is it
an initiial? Does it mean father? Or, possibly it has another meaning?

We do have an ancestor Clementine RING who married Alexander DZIEKIEWICZ in
1896. We do have an ancestor Leopold RING. We do have an ancestor with
the given name Felix. How do we confirm that this is our ancestor Clementine?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please respond privately, unless
you believe it would be educational to subscribers.

With kind regards,
Port Orange, FL
Searching BLOCH, DZIEKIEWICZ and RING >from the following areas: US: CT /
NY / PA and Bielsko-Biala / Bystra / Kenty / Nowy Sacz / Tarnow

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