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I have placed a postcard on ViewMate (VM 8103) and would much appreciate
help in translating the Yiddish text.


The card was sent by my maternal grandfather, David MIRMOVITSCH, during
WW I - probably in 1916 - to my grandmother, living in Helsinki
(Helsingfors), Finland. My gf had been conscripted to the Russian army
in Finland and was sent with his unit to somewhere in Eastern Europe,
from where he sent this postcard.
I can read most of the text but I have problems identifying the place
names appearing in the firs 7-8 lines of the text.

The picture side of the same postcard with Russian and Polish text was
posted as VM 8102 - perhaps this might help in identifying the
localities mentioned :

I would much appreciate any help. Please answer privately to:

Joel Blankett
Jerusalem, Israel
(formerly Helsinki, Finland)

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