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Stephen Gaffin

I have a bunch of Ulman/ Ullmans in my Worcester MA Grace-Pelletz-Jaffe
Family History and Tree that may or may interest the Ullman family in
question. They came >from Kamajai/ Rokiskis/ Kaunas/ Riga and Vilnius.

There are some famous actors who are Ullmans, though probably not related--
Liv Ullmann, Tracey Ullman, Ricky Ullman (born Raviv Ullman, Israeli), and
Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.(Douglas Ullman)

from the old Jewish Encyclopedia (1897) The Ulman family originated in the
town of Ulm (where Einstein was born) but moved to Guenzburg, and adopted the
name Gunzberg, or Ginzberg and some branches (Ulma, Ulm and Ullman) of the
family call themselves "Ulma-Guenzburg. There is on record a lawsuit
instituted by Baer Guenzburg of Grodno against a Jewish family of that city
who had adopted the same name under the decree of 1804 (Maggid, "Toledot
Mishpehot Ginzburg," p. 239, St. Petersburg, 1899). The court
sustained the right of Jewish families to adopt any name they chose, and the
number of Guenzburg families accordingly increased.

Etta Grace Ulman The descendents of “Charles Bezalel the First” are Yonkel
(Jacob), Lozer Jaffe, Saie, Zelig, Mende Jaffe, Rive Gittel, Faige, Etta,
Avraham Yehuda, plus a large family of Ulmans, Sniders, and Feldmans in

1. Rashel “Rose” Leah Ulman m. Sirol Hirschl “Harry” Snider June 5, 1902 in
Kamajai (Snider Dressed Beef Co,).
2. Zarah Ulman m. Reubin Snider (brother of Sirol)
3. Hanna Ulman m. Louis Hurwitz
4. Chana Dvorka “Dora” Ulman m. Jake Isaacman
I have details of the complete families of the above.

In the archives of the Worcester “Jewish Civic Leader” the following
mentions are made of this family.
29 June 1945 P5 Wedding of Jacob Ullman to Rena Falthzig.

27 July 1945 P8 Obituary. Morris Schwartzberg, 70, 56 Richmond Ave died.
He was born in Lithuania, son of Simon and Rebecca (Ulman ) Schwartzberg.

Dec. 18, 1975 P13 Sarah (Ulman) Snider died at age 89. She leaves 2 sons:
Abraham and Benjamin Snider, and 2 daughters, Hazel (wife of William T.
Silver) and Ethel, wife of Max Chervin. She leaves a sister, Mrs. Bessie
Pulde, 12 grandchildren and 21 great-grandchildren. She was born in Russia
and was the daughter of Mendell and Riva (Schwartzberg) Snider and lived in
Worcester more than 65 years. (The last names don’t look right. Her father
should be named Ulman)

If there is interest I would be happy to send the complete tree on request.

Steve Grace Gaffin
St Maarten Netherlands Antilles, formerly Worcester MA

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