JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Thanks and a new query regarding the mysterious Adeline KADETSKY WATERS HYMOFF #general

Jenni Hymoff Koeppel

Hello again fellow genners!

After the help you gave me last week some successes fell upon us and of
course they raised new questions

After 4 years of my searching everywhere for it, one of you found my family
that seemed to have vanished in 1910 - the census taker had written HYMAS
instead of HYMOFF but there they all were, at a different address. Thanks
again to Yehudah - We'd been looking all over and not found them!!

My ggm's first husband went by the name of WATERS but it seems he was really
WASSERZUG. Their son was born in 1885 and called Simon Waters or Simon
Hymoff depending. Would anyone see if an Adeline WASSERZUG shows up on any
search engine at commercial sites (I live in Spain and cannot access any at
any library - even if we had one they don't have those services here). I
will be checking the free sites myself, so please don't bother.

What would be fantastic would be her marriage record to Mr. Wasserzug/Waters
that might have more information on her. I'm anxious to find out where in
Poland she was from! The marriage could have taken place in NY or in
Massachusetts around 1884.

Her marriage record to my ggf states "mn Zettock" and if that is "Maiden
name" we have a new mystery to deal with. Any suggestions on that would
also be very welcome!

Thanks once again for sharing your knowledge and time with all of us!

Cheers, Jenni Hymoff
Canary Islands, Spain
researching HYMOFF and KADETSKY >from Poland
KRAVETSKY and REDLER >from Ukraine

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