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I'm trying to piece together the life of my great grandfather Nathan
WOLKIND, who sadly committed suicide in 1921, to get a broader picture
of him and possibly even find out what went wrong for him. I'm posting
here to try and get some ideas for sources of information I might try.

Here's what I know:

- He was born in Odessa in 1884
- He came to the UK and married in 1910, and had a child
- He emigrated to the US with his wife and daughter in 1914,
and they settled in Brooklyn and had another child
- In 1920, the census shows he worked for the Jersey City
Printing Company
- In 1921 he committed suicide at home by inhaling illuminating
gas, and was discovered by his wife. He was buried in Mount
Carmel Cemetary in Queens.
- His widow and children returned to the UK a few months later

Now it may well be that I'll never know why he killed himself, but I'd
like to gather as much information as I can about him. I have censuses,
Ellis Island manifests [1] and his death certificate; does anyone have
any ideas where I can turn next?

Many thanks for any help
- Ian

[1] Unfortunately, the handwriting on the manifest is little more than a
scrawl, and I can't read the name of his contact in the US. If anyone
is willing to help me with that, please get in touch and I'll forward
you the image in question.

Ian Chard

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