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Several posters have requested information about early data in U S cities.

There are several possibilities. The first is to call the city public
library and ask for a reference librarian and ask for suggestions. At the
same time ask the Reference Librarian if there is a City or County Historian
and ask his/her name and phone # or E-mail number and send an inquiry that
way. Almost everyplace has a historian who takes pride in answering such
questions. .

In addition, for the Jewish Genealogy Seminar in 2000, Hal Bookbinder and
Joan Rimmon made up a listing of over 800 community history books arranged
by State and City. Subsequently, this list was transferred to the IAJGS site
and is on line there. Hal has added several additional books to this list.
This site is Click on the home page and then click on Resources
(on the left side of the page) and click on North American Community Books
and look up the community of interest to find a books of your Jewish
community Most of these books can be obtained through your local public
library on inter-library loan.

Also don't forget local JGS's where you may get some look up help.
Addresses, phone #'s and e-mail addresses for JGS's are also available on
the iajgs site. You can use foreign JGS in the same way.

Joe Fibel
New Rochelle, NY

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