JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: French spelling of towns in Russia #general

Alexander Sharon

Richard Wennig wrote:

While searching a French site I have come accross the spelling of Cheloupe
(Russie), and Petrograd (Russie) for two names I belive are family.

Levin, Abraham
Levin, Emile

The family was >from Belarus, Vselyub

Vselyub was known in Polish as Wsielub, pron. [vsheh loob], hence French

Russian capital Peterburg (St Petersburg) was renamed at the begining of WWI
to Petrograd (Russian for town of Peter) due to the wartime antiGerman

(Similarly, during same period, Canadian town Berlin (located in Ontario
Province) was renamed Kitchener).

BTW, Petrograd was again renamed Leningrad, shortly after Lenin's death in
1924, and again re-re-re named to St (Saint) Petersburg few years ago.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab., Canada

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