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Micheline Guttmann writes in response to my posting:
"Effectively, this family COHEN is a rich and well
known family. Louis was the son of Joseph COHEN
(1774-1838) and Marian JOACHIM who married on 29 Feb.
1796 at the Great Synagogue, London. His wife was
Rebecca Floretta Asher KEYSER, daughter of Asker
KEYSER. Joseph was the son of Levie Joshua COHEN
(1740-1808), born on Amersfoort, NL and Fanny DIAMANT
SCHLEIFER, daughter of Joseph. Lionel Louis COHEN
married Luisa Emily MERTON (family of bankers)."

It is useful to know what affluent background Louis
came >from - I suspected it was >from the Netherlands
and that the family was well-established. This however
does not exempt it >from the transcription errors which
mar the England and Wales censuses. Even this
illustrious family had many errors which I have
corrected. Hopefully, the corrections will soon be on
line. It is hard to find the family members:

Floretta is called Loretta in the 1851 census - and I
only knew she was Floretta >from the 1841 readable
census transcript. Sons: Lionel is Leonal; Isaac Louis
is Isaac Lome; Nathan Louis is Nathan Loay, and two
daughters are called Adall and Allen!

In 1841, this Louis COHEN family lived in Blackheath
and six servants are listed here too. There are two
other children bracketed with the family Priscilla and
Jettie??? MOSES{S} aged 12 and 9. Presumably these are
relatives - they are British-born and they could give
further leads to the genealogy. Michelle tells us that
Floretta was nee KEYSER. This all fits in with a
wealth Moses KEYSER aged 30 [merchant] living nearby
in Blackheath with his young wife and three children
plus three servants. One, Leah HYAM is probably

In 1851, a Dutch-born H. KEYSER [born 1791] designated
as sister, lives with a wealthy ENTHOVEN family
[Dutch-born] in London. They also had many servants.

My main interest was to highlight the number of
servants this family had and how this continued
throughout the generations and amongst other extended-
family members. Unfortunately I could not find
continuity amongst the servants - that would have been
an extra bonus. Nor were many of them of evident
Jewish origin.

We often look at the genealogy of wealthy/famous
families but rarely look at their servants. The
censuses give us a wonderful insight into the
households and what they must have been like. For
COHEN-seekers too - the presence of servants will give
you an indication if you have the right family amongst
the multitude. In my case, I would look for a family
with no servants.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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