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Ken <yellow@...>

Dear Tahsin

I can't help you with suggestions on how to get the documents you desire but
I do have one suggestion to make.

It would be a tragedy if you grandmother dies or becomes mentally
incapacitated before telling her whole story!

I can understand and respect that she has her reasons for not wishing to
tell the family the details 'yet' but time may run out.

If her reluctance to tell is based on a reluctance to have the family know
the details while she is still alive then try to persuade her to write the
story herself, if she is capable, or get her to dictate to a third-party and
have someone like a lawyer hold the documents for safe keeping, to be
available for reading after her death.

Ideally, one would like to have the information available before she dies so
that she can answer the questions that will undoubtedly come to mind once
some information is known, but if that can't happen then so be it.

Ken Lipworth

"Tahsin ozerden" <> wrote

Dear All,
We have newly learned that my grandmum is a Polish Jew,

She has been hiding it for nearly 65years, My GrandMum is alive at the
age of 86 , she really have great information but not willing to tell yet,

She was born in 1920 Lodz (9 June) Father name Idel , Mother Name Chawa ,

Fathers Surname also her virgin surname LISMAN, Mothers virgin surname
GOLDKLEER, Nationality Polish ,
They had moved to Belgium in 4 year time following her birth before WWII
Her name which we learned is Chaja Pesa Lisman,

Dear all, could you give us some advise, where we can obtain her birth
certificates or is it possible to reach the documents in Poland , or find
some relatives on board,

Also She told today that Her Mum was died in a concentration camp (but she
doesnt remember the name of the camp) and her father has been in the camp
for 2 year and left the camp at the end of the War (could we find some
records for that)

Please let us know about anything,

Kind Regards,
Sender: "Tahsin ozerden" <>

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