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Rachelle Berliner <rlberliner@...>

There have been some Bar Mitzvah documents, including pictures, found that
include a Bar Mitzvah certificate for Henry Martin GINSBURG, the son of Ellis
Ginsburg. The family resided in Laurel, MS. The finder has given permission
to post to Jewishgen her “Lost and Found” article that was on another

If you know how to contact the descendants of these families, please contact
me privately. The person who found them is very interested in returning
these to the Ginsburg family. The pictures will be posted on Viewmate at a
later date, using the same
subject. I have copied and pasted below the finder’s article.

"Looking for an owner...
My brother's mother-in-law was closing up her home . . . . .

She told me to give away to the Salvation Army a bunch of stuff left in her
house. . . . . . . . . . but just could not bring myself to give away an
old leather bag filled with pictures and other family papers >from some
deceased friends of hers. These are some beautiful pictures and personal
papers of a Jewish family and their only son who lived in our town, Laurel, Ms. "

"They owned a very fancy dress shop (in Laurel, MS) here. >from what I can
find out about them, the son went to New York and became a model and never
married and died there of some type of unknown illness in midlife. There were
only a few Jewish families who lived in Laurel and the Synagogue is now gone.
I only know of one Jewish man who lives here now. I found on the Internet the
son's fraternity and they wanted the certificate of his membership and his Jr
high school graduation certificate went to my Sunday School teacher since her
father signed it. He was the school superintendent at that time."

"There is also a tape of some beautiful singing and a speech in Hebrew I
think. It may be >from his Bar Mitzvah. I would like to give the rest of the
papers, his confirmation (Bar Mitzvah?) certificate, dated 1939, and pictures
to some family member. Their name was Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Ginsburg, they
lived at XXX South 13th Avenue, Laurel, Ms. next door to their store. Their
son's name was Henry Martin Ginsburg. In the bag is a card >from a friend or
relative, Jeannette Phillips who lived at XXX St. Charles Ave., New Orleans,
La dated Sep. 22, 1965. Please let me know if any one knows of this family.

I have eliminated the finder’s full name and email address. Please reply
personally to me with any and all information that may help return these
documents to the GINSBURG family.

Rachelle Berliner
Savannah, GA

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