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I have wrote here several times asking for help and
since new members sign up every day I will try my luck
once more:
Is anybody out there >from Rakow Polen? I can not
believe nobosy has heard of Rakow? My mother Blima
Cymbalista, came >from a large family, did anybody
maybe have heard of her? Her parents, my grandparents,
were Moshe and Rifka Cymbalista. Moshe was much older
then Rifka she was his second wife. He had two
children with his first wife. Their names were Rosa
Cymbalista, who married a GROSSMAN and moved to
Cananda. I found the family but they dont know me and
dont want to be bothered which I do understand my aunt
Rosa is dead already, so are the two sons she had. The
other was a son Josef Cymbalista who moved to Israel.
I met him once he was a gentle older man and was
married also. My mother did not care to stay in
contact with him so I have no address. My mother Blima
survived her Holocaust time with her two brothers,
Motek who was the sweetest man anybody could have
wanted for an uncle and Leon. Leon returned to Israel
and married, I know he had a son but I dont know
anything of him either. He returned to Germany and
later remarried a german woman. So has anybosy heard
of a Blima Cymbalista born 1922, her best friend after
the Holocaust was Pola GILTER, wife of Josef Gilter,
(Haifa) bother dead now.I am just trying to find
anything about my family and would be most grateful
for any info. I know my mother had a cousin that moved
to Argentinia.
Thank you for all the help I have received so far.
Laja Rifka Thomas (searching for Lewkowicz/Cymbalista)

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