JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Starting my family roots research in Poland and Romania - need assistance #general

Shelley K. Pollero

It is sometimes difficult to know how to begin and what to ask at first. So
we put it all out there. I give credit to Eyal for posting the message on
the JGDG.

I recognized the need for some direction, so I wrote to Eyal personally,
found out that the family was based in Mogielnica near Warsaw. I then sent
my message which has basic strategies for getting started and resources for
researching Polish families and towns. In addition, I did a quick check on
the Yad Vashem Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names and found his family

It was a small effort on my part, but a welcomed boost to Eyal's confidence
and some direction to realize that this can be done.

Of course, a Jewish Genealogy Society (JGS) is wonderful for networking and
sharing ideas. That's where I too got started pre-internet and continue to
attend when I can. Unfortunately, not everyone knows about the JGS or is
able to attend meetings, nor about the Special Interest Groups. A personal
note is always appropriate. It's important that we take a few minutes to
share our experiences with others when we can, and we all have different
things to share.

I think that Eyal is off to a good start.

I would be happy to send a pdf of my message to researchers for Poland
(and/or also one for Galicia). Please respond to me privately.



Shelley K. Pollero
Severna Park, Maryland

Ann Rabinowitz wrote:

It is evident that this beginning researcher has posed too big a question to
answer on the digest all at once. Further, Eyal has apparently not read any
of the helpful materials about getting started on the JewishGen site.

What would be more helpful to Eyal, at this point, is to join a Jewish
Genealogy Society in Israel (I am assuming Eyal's location is Israel,
although it is not specified in the post) and speak to researchers there who
can help with each of the distinct branches of the family >from Poland and

Sometimes beginning genealogists forget to utilize the Jewish Genealogy
Societies in their areas which are an important source of information and
support. I know that I started out my research as a "newby" with my local
genealogy society, the Jewish Genealogy Society of Greater Miami, whose
generous members pointed me in the right direction. This was prior to the
advent of all of the resources available on the Internet.

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