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Nardo Bonomi

Dear researchers,

I have the same in my family: four members arrived in the years twenty from
Russia in Italy and went back in URSS in the first years thirty.
A possible source are consular records stored in the archives of consulates
or embassies.
For Italy the archives of the consulates and embassies of Russia/SSSR are
stored today in Rome, not in Moskow.

Nardo Bonomi
Le Pialle - 50022
Greve in Chianti - Firenze - Italy

Researching on:
BRAVERMAN >from Podolya; GROBMAN Ukraine; LUFT >from Galizia
GRUNBLATT >from Galizia/ OCCHIPINTI Sicily

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From: "Rochelle Kaplan" <>

Dear Folks,

I recently learned that a cousin,Israel CAROLIN/KAROLIN >from what is now
Belarus, near Grodno, came to the US in around 1905 (he is on 1910
Census for Brooklyn, NY and is then 48), didn't like it here, and
returned to what was then Russia. Suggestions for how I might find more
about this return back (particulars like ship manifests, passports,
applications) or general info about folks who did this and procedures
they followed, where I might find records- appreciated. His children
remained in the US.

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