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Carolyn Lea <clea@...>

I have mostly given up on trying to locate any info on my gg-grandfather
Schwarzbaum's sister. The only info I had to go on was his obit (1897) which
identified a surviving sister, Mrs Greenberg, living in Boston. I have also
found a record for an Ernestine Schwarzbaum (commercial site) that came over
in 1851 - the same year as his brother, Moritz. I ordered the ship record
and they were listed on the same line - her name written above his -

I had given up on finding an Ernestine Greenberg in Boston in the correct
age range (b abt 1923 or so). When researching my Lewinsohn's I found that
my ggg-grandmother Ernestine was listed as Esther on about half of the birth
records (>from Elbing, West Prussia). The names were used interchangeably -
that is, her name is shown as Esther on one, then Ernestine on the next
birth, then Esther, and so on. I have just found an Esther Greenburg in the
1860 and 1910 census records. The birth year would be correct (I can only
est. >from brothers) and her place of birth is given as Prussia (my
Schwarzbaums were >from Posen). She is married to a Henry Greenburg, also b
Prussia, and is shown w/ 3 children in 1860 - Isaac, age 5, Clara, 5 mo. and
one name I can't make out that is mistranscribed - abbreviated in census.
They are in Boston but the children are listed as born NYC.
In 1910 Esther is listed with Clara and Isaac (both single) as a widow. Her
year of immigration is given as 1858 but this would not match with her
children being born in NYC - so is wrong.

So far I have not found them in the intervening years. I am wondering if I
should pursue this line of research - how common was using Esther/Ernestine?
If this is the right person the daughter would share a name with Ernestine's
mother and Isaac is her brother's name. Does anyone recognize this family
from their own research? If anyone has access to images of census records
and wants to make a guess at the other child's name that might help.
Unfortunately the 1910 census indicates she had 4 children but only 2 were
living. Still it might help find the intervening records. Unfortunately the
logs >from these early births in NYC that I have found do not give maiden
name for the mother. All suggestions are welcome. I have not done any work
in Boston other than census searching. Are their web sites that list deaths
such as Italiangen for NYC? Would a death certificate include maiden name?
Isaac and Clara are both shown in the 1920 census w/o Esther (both single)
w/last name misspelled.

Carolyn Lea
NW Ohio
ID# 152314

Researching: SCHWARZBAUM/SCHWARTZBAUM > Posen, Prussia >New York, Savannah,
Georgia and California ROTHSCHILD/ROTHCHILD> Zierenberg, Hessen Kassel,
Prussia> Darien and Savannah, Georgia BASCH>Prussia>Savannah, Georgia
LEWISOHN/LEVISON Elbing, West Prussia> Brunswick and Savannah, Georgia, New York
OPPENHEIM > Savannah, Georgia WEINBERG >Prussia? > Georgia

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