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On Wed, 12 Jul 2006, (Rochelle Kaplan) asked:

I just learned that a cousin married a Roumanian and found her family on
EIDB, arriving 1903.

Names were: Hermann, Hence, Perl, Sise, Perko and Tuli Wolf. They were
going to see son and brother, Moritz Wolff. The family was >from Bacau.

I can't find family in A****.com, or Moritz on EIDB. Perl became Pauline.
What would be English equivalents of these names?

Any suggestions appreciated.
You may be able to realize the futility of seeking "equivalents" to these
names if you notice that the woman originally called "Perl" became "Pauline"
after her emigration. The name "Perl" has an obvious English equivalent,
namely "Pearl", yet she preferred for her own good reasons to elect
"Pauline", which has nothing to do with "Perl". There is no reason that each
(or any) of these Romanian names should have a translation, familiar or
otherwise, to English. The lexical meaning of many, perhaps most, European
names is lost in antiquity (or at least unknown to all but academic
specialists), because many of the peoples and languages that originated them
are also gone.

Your "Moritz" name is the "equivalent" of English "Maurice", of course. And
for all one can know, that's what he was called in the US. It is also
possible that he chose to call himself "Max" or "George".

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