JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: SCHOR from Ruskant or Ruskand #general

roe kard

Subject: Re: SCHOR >from Ruskant or Ruskand
Mendel and Peise SCHOR

I missed the original posting but wonder if it could have been Rawa
Ruska, about 40 Kilometers >from Lvov (Lemberg)? I have ancestors who
went to Argentina >from Rawa Ruska in the twenties *and* there definitely
were Schors there as two are listed on the 1934 list of Rawa Ruska
taxpayers: Benjamin and Sara Schorr and another where the name is
unclear, something like "Landau" Schorr. I assume the second "r" in the
spelling of the name is irrelevant.

(would be Gitel Chaya Etta ROSENFELD ROKART in the old, old country)

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