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Hallo JewishGenners
I recently found out that my Great Grandmother, Annie KLAPMAN/KLOPMAN MARCUS
came >from a place called Silmala, in Latvia. I found this name franked on
the back on an envellope addressed to her during the WW2 years, and two
Latvian Stamps on the front of the envellope. Does anyone know how I can
find out where Silmala is, and does anyone on JewishGen have any connection
to a KLAPMAN/KLOPMAN familily >from Latvia. If so, I would be interested to
hear >from you.

Anne Lapedus BREST (ex Dublin, Ireland) Sandton, S.Africa
snip >
MODERATOR NOTE: The JewishGen ShtetleSeeker will give you exact coordinates
and a link to a map. Go to:
enter the place name and choose Latvia in the Country window.
I am sure that the moderator's advice is good. If you had forgotten about
this JewishGen facility, or had never known about it, another way to find
what you want might be to do a Google search on <silmala>. Many people with
Internet access appear to be altogether unfamiliar with Google (and other
search engines), but this kind of search is an excellent and efficient way
to learn all manner of things. Opening the very first hit on the results
page taught me that Silmala Latvia is at Latitude 57.2167, Longitude
26.7000, and Altitude 141meters; also that there are about 1321 people
living within 7km of the place, and its clock is two hours east of GMT
(three hours in the summer). There are also maps and weather reports. I
didn't bother to inspect the other 771 hits, but you may well find other
information in them.

Google is your friend, and a very powerful friend it is.

Stan Goodman, Qiryat Tiv'on, Israel

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