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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Yossi Mund replied to my earlier posting and I have his permission to
quote: <thank you very much for your thorough reply. After I have
received several answers, I realize that I made a great mistake in
presenting my question as I did and I was clearly misunderstood. I
meant to inquire about "Eliezer-Lieber" related to the WITTLIN
family, since by even such a name alone I cannot make a genealogical

No, I did not misunderstand and that is why I pointed Yossi to
WITTLIN/WITLIN graves in Vienna. Altogether, with the holocaust
victims in Vienna, I can identify 12 WITTLIN/WITLIN who definitely
resided in Vienna. In the early 1930s, there was also a Gerson who
was a director of the Phoenix Insurance Co. and a Joachim who was a
portrait painter. And here are a few more [with dates of birth] who
were wealthy enough to have asset files [after end of April 1938],
bringing the total up to approx 20:

WITTLIN Emilie 20 Feb 1894
A couple:WITTLIN Wilhelm 23 Aug. 1909 and Adele 17 Sept 1916
WITTLIN Honora 16th Jan 1878
WITTLIN Jakob Karl 4th March 1871

I do not know if they came >from Lemberg, but there will be
documentation for each of these people and by researching carefully
[a time-consuming affair!] you may be able to find valuable data
about your Lemberg LIEBER family. Vienna records can be the key to
lost Galician links, as other Jewishgenners will confirm.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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