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Mark Halpern

Helaine Shoag Greenberg, a member of the Jewish Genealogical Society of
Greater Philadelphia, donated a copy of her recently published book,
_Voices >from Vilna_, to the Society Library. I read this short book just
a few days ago.

Although Helaine's book is about her father, who lived in Vilna until
1934, and his family, who remained in Vilna, the voices of her ancestors
are the voices of a generation of Eastern European Jews trapped in a
cycle of Anti-Semitic events that led to the Holocaust. Helaine
publishes actual letters >from her father and other family members that
describe the environment of the time. She punctuates these letters with
her own feelings for her father and his relatives. All of us involved in
family history have thought about our ancestors in a similar way.

Helaine writes about her book (quoted with the permission of the

"To my great joy, I found poignant letters in my family home describing
my father's and his family's life and current events >from 1930 to 1940
in Vilnius, Lithuania. On a "roots trip" there in 2000, the letters were
shown to the Director of the Vilna Gaon Museum who thought them
valuable. "Voices" is a creative, non-fiction memoir told >from the
perspective of a first generation 'child'. The letters are arranged
chronologically, interspersed with letters to my father telling him what
I found."

Voices >from Vilna was published in 2006 by iUniverse, Inc. It is sold
for less than $10 >from the publisher and many online book outlets.

Mark Halpern
President, Jewish Genealogical Society of Greater Philadelphia

PS: The book and Helaine's experiences are a direct result of her
ShtetlSchleppers trip to Vilnius, arranged through JewishGen.

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