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Hello All

I am trying to solve a puzzel of a 1930 census of my ancestor Samuel
Mendelson who has a man listed as brother but with a different name.
This man's name is Morris Gewirtzman and he was form Poland and came
over in 1923. I would love to figure out what his connection is to my
mendelson ancestors. I have recieved his naturalization records and it
states that he arrived through Ellis Island off the ship Polonia on
10/1/1923. I was hoping that there would be a Mendelson listed as
witness to his naturalization, but there is no reference. There is
listed a brother Isidore Gewirtzman as a witness.

I also located the ship manifest for Morris Gewirtzman. His name was
listed as Moszek Chmiel. Can anyone tell me how his name could so
drastically change >from that to Gewirtzman. Also according to the ships
manifest he was going to his brother Isidore not to a Mendelson. So, I
am puzzeled as to why he is listed with my great-great-uncle as a
brother on the 1930 census and rsiding in his household.

If anyone can help me solve this mystery, I would appreciate it.

Sarah Greenberg(USA)

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