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Cindy Taylor <knife-princess@...>

Fellow Genners,

Many pieces of my family puzzle have come together in the past few weeks
thanks to finding and interviewing lost cousins.

It has been strongly suggested that our great grand parents emigrated to
Jerusalem before finally ending up in Maine. I need a bit of direction here
as to where to begin the research. I've had no trouble finding the ones
that came direct, but this is a whole to ball game for me.

Michael and Esther Violet Potter (Yechiel Mechel and Esther Vitel
Ploshchok) >from Pinsk. They first turn up in the USA in Bangor, Maine circa
1902. I was able to follow the trail down to Massachusetts where they both
passed away in the early 1920's.

Are there data bases which cover my sort of query?

Thanks in advance for any and all guidance;

Cindy Potter Taylor
Boynton Beach, FL


POTTER-Bangor/Lewiston/Portland, Maine POTTER-Chelsea, MA.
PLOSHCHOK-Pinsk/Minsk/Rovno GOLDMAN-Rovno/Rivne, UKRAINE
EPSTEIN-Bangor, Maine EPSTEIN-Krevo & Dokshytsy, Belarus
COHEN-Woyln, Ukraine COHEN-Mattapan/Dorchester, MASS COHEN-Ostrow
DVORIN-Pinsk/Minsk, Belarus

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