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David Edelman <pappapeach@...>

For what it is worth, my paternal Ggrandmother was a Mary
(Minnie/Merke). She was born in Latvia, about 1870. My sister Monica
is named for her.
As was explained to me when I asked about it, Joseph, Mary, Jesus and
friends were all Jewish, and these were all originally very Jewish
David Edelman,
San Francisco.

On 7/15/06, Alan Greenberg <> wrote:

At 15/07/2006 08:07 AM, Dick Plotz wrote:
... I do find it puzzling that the
parents would not have taken the plain meaning of the civil name into
account, but perhaps they wanted to provide their daughters with a way
to "pass" if necessary, and besides, traditionally the civil name is
subsidiary to the Jewish name as far as the Jewish community is
concerned. Note that such less obviously (but clearly, if you think
about it) Christian-associated names as Natalie and even Dolores are
not unknown among Jews.
Out of curiosity, I checked the JGS-Montreal's database of over
70,000 birth, marriage and death records >from 1842-1942. Other than
obvious conversions or similar reasons, there are no Christians or
Christines. There are several Dolores' and 30 Natalies, indicating to
me that people did not really consider these as Christian-derived
names (and that Dolores was not nearly as popular as Natalie!).

In stark contrast, Mary, which today is often thought of as a
non-Jewish name, shows up over 700 times - as many as Leah and almost
as many as Ruth.

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