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Janette Levey wrote: <I posted recently about searching for my roots
on my father's side of the family. I was able to find a lot in the
British censuses. My great grandparents were born in England. On my
grgrandmother's line it looks like I may be able to trace back to my
grtgrtgrtgrtgrandmother in England in the 1780's. I'll post the
details in a separate post soon.

On my grtgrandfather's side, I found that his mother and her parents
(my grtgrtgrandmother and my grtgrtgrtgrandparents) had the name
CARO and are listed in one census as having been born in Clechchovia
and another census says Deu Poland. I either find nothing on
Shtetlfinder or over 1000 possible matches if I don't narrow it to
Poland. Since I see a reference to Poland in one census, I'm
assuming they were >from Poland.

Anyone have any ideas or info as to where Clechchovia could be or
what "Deu,> Poland" means?>>

I was delighted to be able to help Janette trace her roots last week:
Janette... tells us she is new to this - so here are a few hints and
possible leads miraculously taking Janette all the way back to her
gtgtgtgt-grandmother Lydia BARNETT born Whitechapel, London in 1781.

In this one posting, there was not enough space to discuss the CARO
family who can be found in Birmingham, England in censuses going
back to 1871. If you check all English CARO families [1851 onwards] ,
the place names Preussen, Posen, Deu, Prussia, Poland, Russia keep
appearing, plus a few specific place names inc Berlin .

Janette's CARO family appears first in the census in 1881 in
Birmingham - here they are >from Prussia. There were Birmingham CAROs
in 1871 too >from Russia, Prussia and the West of England.

In the 1881 census, Myer CARO and family are >from *Clechchovia* and
you can see Samuel LEVY {born Warsaw] living with the CARO family as
a son-in-law. He was the father of Jack LEVEY who married Lydia WOOLF
in 1903 and where I started my trail last week.

My guess is that the place Janette's CARO family came >from
Chelkowski (Posen) see:

Celia Male [U.K.]

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