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Does someone know of a town in Galicia known as Breznitz?

According to my relatives one of my elderly uncles said , as it appears in
our family tree, that one of our ancestors was a certain Rabbi Yosef of

This Rabbi Yosef was the son-in-law of a Rabbi Shmuel ben Harav Arieh Leib
both of whom served at the end of the 17th-beg. 18th cent. in Kremenetz. The
names of these rabbis appear in the Kremenetz Memorial book ( I think its
called Pinkas Kremenetz) as well as being listed in Rosenstein's The
Unbroken Chain and Wunder's "Elef Margaliot". But all these sources stop
with Smuel of Kremenetz without listing any daughters (Rosenstein lists a
son if its the same family).

The only town with such a name that I found in the encyclopedia Judaica is
in Cechkoslovakia but since our long past ancestor the Maharal of Prague we
know of no ancestor who lived in Czeck.

Alternatively, does anyone know of a Rabbi Yosef, who married a descendant
of the Mahara"l, and the Maharsha"l for that matter, who served as a rabbi
in the Czech town of Breznitz during the 18th cent.?

As mentioned in the past, the PAPIRNE family of Jerusalem have the same
family tree as we do till some 150 years ago so maybe some one >from that
family is on this list?

Thank you,

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

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