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A & D Weinman <abediw@...>

A few years ago, I was contacted by someone who got my name >from the Jewish
genealogy listing. They asked if I was related to a certain party. I was.
My mother's cousin died intestate without any apparent heirs. They wanted
the names of my first line relatives who would have been related to the
deceased's mother. Everyone >from my mother's level and above was deceased.
I contacted all cousins who then gave me permission to provide their names.
There were many heirs on my side (her mother's) and a few heirs on her
father's side, (not related to us).

The "searchers" took, I believe , 25% of the estate. It was an unexpected
inheritance for many of my cousins who never met the deceased. ( I knew her
when I was a kid.) It was a well deserved fee since we would never have
known about the estate had I not been contacted.

I gratefully made a donation to JewishGen at the time.

Diana Weinman

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