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Judith Romney Wegner

At 4:15 PM -0400 7/24/06, Batya Olsen wrote:

According to information I have, my grandfather's sister, Rebecca
AJZENSHMIDT WACHT (1830-1923) is buried in Rodesh Shalom Cemetery
(supposedly in Queens.) I have not been able to determine where this
cemetery is

Is it a section of a larger cemetery?

I know that Rebecca's son, Gustave WACHT is buried in Maimonides
Cemetery in Brooklyn/Queens, I've called Maimonides and the person on
the phone there did not know of Rodesh Shalom or of Rebecca and Meyer

Can anyone help me on this?

Dear Batya,

Perhaps the following may help you. The problem may be due to the
fact that you do not have the name quite right. The expression
"Rodesh Shalom" does not exist -- because Rodesh is not a Hebrew
word. However, the expression "Rodef Shalom" does exist -- and
could perhaps be the name of a cemetery. It means "Pursuer of peace"
and is an epithet that Jewish tradition applies to Aaron the High
Priest (the brother of Moses according to the biblical narrative,
although modern bible scholarship takes a different view ).

So, perhaps if you try "Rodef Shalom " you may get better results. Good luck!

Judith Romney Wegner

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