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Several years ago I entered my (former) family name KATZOFF in the machines
that give you the origins of family names. The answer it printed out was
that the name was a variant of KATZ, and like other names (which it listed)
refered to a Kohen. It added that one of the prominent KATZOFFs in Israel
is Prof. Ranon KATZOFF of Bar-Ilan Unv.

The next time I visited my brother I told him I knew he was a prominent
Katzoff but I was very angry that he never told me he was a Kohen. He
didn't think the story was funny and he went to the museum to have the
information changed (at that time he told me he was unsuccessful in having
it changed).

Out of curiosity, could anyone with access to the diaspora Museum in T.A.
tell me if the information as to our family name was actually changed?

I'm sure that someone wrote (I think I did in the distant past) that there
are cases of specifically Kohanic names, such as KATZ and COHEN, that the
individuals are not Kohanim.

May we here only good tidings in these difficult times for Israel and a
public Thank You to all who sent me letters of concern for our situation

Yoni Ben-Ari, Efrat, Israel

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