JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: "Rodesh" Shalom cemetery #general

Batya Olsen

I just wanted to thank all of you publicly (as well as privately) for
the help you gave me. Rodesh Shalom is a misspelling (>from a death
certificate, a source filled out in mourning and prone to errors) of
Rodeph Shalom. Their cemetery is Union Field on the Brooklyn/Queens
border. I've now been able to contact the cemetery and have Rebecca
and Meyer WACHT's burial plot.

Thank you again,


Batya Matzkin Olsen, Concord, Massachusetts USA
Researching: EISENSHMID/AJZENSHMIDT [any spelling] (Tsikhovolya, BY),
KAYOTSKY (Vidzy, BY), KELMAN (DE), KLONER (Postavy/Smorgon, BY),
MANFELD (Smorgon), MANFIELD (Sterling, Ill., US),
RUNKIN, MATZKIN (Vidzy & anywhere), ROSENBLUM (Postavy), SCHARER

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