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Hello there,

First off, I want to thank all the persons who responded to
my first post and I've learned there are far greater
resourses out there and wonderful people who will share.
Also, I've learned that I've a duty to be more informative
to these wonderful people I'm asking information from. So,
I'll try again, but be more informative with the
information that I have.

I'm trying to find out where in Poland-Russia my
GreatGrandParents might have come from. My
GreatGrandParents listed Russia on the census until World
War I, when my GreatGrandMother listed "Poland" on the 1920
census in the aftermath of WWI and the re-creation of the
Polish State. And my father Marshall Lewis Sola, and his
Mother Edith "Ida" Fleishman-Sola always maintained that we
where "Polish-Russian Jews."

The shame of the family:
When I was a little boy (early 1960's) and I got it into my
head to do a family genealogy. Dad said that we're best to
ask my Aunts Leah & Muriel and my GrandMother Edith (AKA:
Ida), they knew that stuff. Well, I caused a bit of shock
and upset with my request. To keep it short, to quote one
of the above: "Let the dead rest in peace!" It's was very
loud and upsetting, I had the feeling they where a shamed
of their "roots."

Born: Aug 1859 Poland-Russia, Died 28 June 1902 - Chicago
(Have copy of death certificate, birth place listed:
Buried in the Waldheim Cemetery, west Chicago.)
On Chicago voter rolls in 1890's, at least once!
Where are the citizenship records for Chicago, Cook County?
Arrived USA 1879 - Unable to find out which ship or port?
I believe Max was a Grocer.
Married Sarah Wilensky; 29 March 1884, Chicago, Cook
County, Illinois

Born: Jan 1862 Poland-Russia, Died 1920's??? - Chicago
Unable to find record of death.
Buried: Waldheim Cemetery, I visited grave as a child.
Arrived USA: 1881 - Unable to find out which ship or port?
Sister: Rebecca Wilensky (1877-1916)
lived with Max and Sarah
Appears to have died in 1916.
Arrived in USA: 1886-?

Max and Sarah Lived and worked in the Maxwell Street
district of Chicago. Addresses: 255 & 708 Maxwell Street,
they had four children; Ralph (1884/6-1948), Abraham
(1887-1957), Rosie (1890-UNK), & Reuben (1893-1936), also
my father; Marshall Lewis Sola (1918-1984) had a store
there until the mid 1950's. We lived in Skokie until 1958.

In the years my GrandFather, GreatUncles and GreatAunt
where born there was no requirement for registering births
in Illinois and I've found no record. Would they perhaps
be registered with a Jewish society/organisation and would
anybody have an idea which?

Max and Sarah where married by a Justice of the Peace, this
is strange, my father always said they where very Orthodox,
so why no Rabbi? Any ideas? I like the one idea I heard,
that it was necessary to get a official piece of paper.

Could Max and Sarah been married in the Old Country only to
come to the USA separately, first Max in 1879 age 20, then
Sarah in 1881 age 18 and then Sarah's sister: Rebecca in
1884 age 7? Then Max & Sarah remarrying in 1884? Rebecca
had to have a parent/guardian with her during the crossing?
I've had no luck with the on line lists of ships and

I did find a bit of a "trail" to Lodz, Poland where I found
the Solovitzig and Wilensky names listed. I'm guessing the
Solovitzig & Wilensky families knew each other in the Old
Country. Just can't get a solid connection.

I've found that the Wilensky name appears to be a fairly
common name. A "Wilensky" signed Max & Sarah's Marriage
License, but I've not been able to identify which Wilensky.
The initial in front Wilensky is not decipherable.

I've found the name Solovitzig or Solovitzik on an InterNet
Holocaust Memorial WebPage. The sponsor is >from Argentina.

What is the expression; "RussYiddish" mean? Found on 1910
Census of my Father's Maternal side.

By now I'm sure you're asking, "He sure does ask a lot of
questions!" I hope I've been a little more informative
with this second request.

Thank you to any and all.

Sincerely, Steve Sola
Name change in the 19-teens!

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