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Robert Corwin <robert@...>

This morning I went in search of the keys to my genealogical kingdom
at the Kings County courthouse in Brooklyn. When I arrived, I was
told by the friendly folks there that they had no naturalization
record index, so I should be doing my searching on the jgsny internet
site first. When I mentioned my experience with index cards in
Manhattan, she mentioned that there were index cards up to 1906,
which I then looked through.

When I arrived home tonight, I took another look at the
site, and found this:

"A citywide index to naturalizations prior to 1907 has been
preserved and is accessible through the (Mormon) Family History
Centers. This microfilmed soundex index includes all courts in the
New York City area >from 1792 to 1906. The indexes to the remaining
records in Brooklyn, 1907-1924, were in very poor condition and were
accessible only at the County Clerk's Office in Brooklyn."

Can anyone tell me >from experience, are there indeed 1907-1924
indexes to be seen at the Clerk's Office?

Also, I was surprised at the relatively modest number of cards for
the earlier years. I would have expected hundreds of Cohens, for
instance. Were there significantly fewer Jews in Brooklyn in those

I'm assuming that the sounded index must be searchable. Is this
available nowhere except the Family History Centers? While any
transcription may be inaccurate, there may be an advantage to using
this index, as the actual index cards could be easily taken out of
sequence by any of the many people who have searched through them.

Finally, if I have an approximate year of naturalization >from the
Census records, might it be worth taking the time to search through
the entire record books themselves?

Any suggestions >from folks who have been through this would be much

Robert Corwin

Researching KREMENETSKY/KENNER and BECKERMAN >from Berezno/Kremenets/
Odessa, LITTMAN and KRAVIATSKY >from Proshnits, COHEN >from London/
Vilna, ARONSON and FRIEDMAN >from Kalvarija.

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