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Jenni Hymoff Koeppel

Hello again fellow genners:

A recently found "half fourth cousin" just told me that she was told by her
grandmother that "The story was that the Kadetsky name wasn't really their
name, and it was Fischer and they were Litvaks, meaning (to her), variously,
that they were >from Lithuania or Belorus. But who knows!"
I've searched on Castle Garden without any hits and do not have access to
any other online sites >from Spain.

The details as I know them are that Abraham and his wife Scillia or Celia
arrived in the US in 1879 with his sister Adeline and possibly (maybe their
mother) Rose and Pauline (information based on census data obtained). They
settled in the Boston area and have been known since then as Kadetsky and
are all accounted for.

We've been looking for Kadetsky and several generous Genners checked that
surname all over the Internet, so please don't devote any time to doing that
again, let's just see if FISCHER produces any luck for arrivals of that
family group around that date.

Suggestions are welcome: I'm trying to find out where in Poland (or
wherever) they came >from to go back at least one more generation in Europe,
and exactly when they came over.

Thanks again for all your help!


Jenni Hymoff
Canary Islands, Spain
researching HYMOFF and KADETSKY/FISCHER >from Poland
REDLER and KRAVETSKY >from Ukraine and Belorus

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