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Peter Lowe <Peter.Lowe@...>

I would be interested to hear >from anyone who has visited the Office at
the Berlin Weissensee Cemetery in the last few years. I am making a trip
to Berlin in September, and would like to establish what facilities are
at the Office for looking at, and copying, the Burial Records (Card
index & full Burial papers).

I have previously seen some of these documents on fiche/film at the
Centrum Judaicum (which actually required prior approval >from the
Friedhofsverwaltung), but thought it would be more convenient to look at
further records at the Cemetery itself.

Can someone answer some, or all, of these questions:
a) What facilities does the Office have, e.g. how many Film Readers? Can
one print >from microfilm/microfiche?
b) Are all the records available on microfilm/microfiche?
c) What differences are there in the office hours >from those of the
Cemetery itself? [I know >from my last visit that the Office hours were
more restricted]
d) Does one need to pre-book to look at the burial records?
e) Is there any disadvantage in using the records at the Cemetery, as
compared to the Centrum Judaicum? Or is it in fact easier at the Cemetery?
f) Can one contact the Cemetery office by email?
g) Can one look at, or copy, the records without restriction? Is there a
requirement that only the Office staff inspect some (all) of the
records? Are there any Datenschutz restrictions? [I am trying to locate
records for all people of one surname, without proof as yet of a direct

Thank you

Peter Lowe
Hertford, England
Email: Peter.Lowe@Bigfoot.Com
Web Site:

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