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I am seeking those who descend >from a LEWKOWICZ family of Piotrkow
Trybunalski. Though I am not likely to be related to all families with
this name >from Piotrkow, I seem to be related to some with this surname
and some similar ones, such as LEWEK.

I would be particularly interested in hearing >from folks who have known
early-mid 19th century ancestors with the names Blima, Aryeh, Chana or
Izrael LEWKOWICZ (>from Piotrkow only please).

This branch of the family took on LEWKOWICZ and variants in connection with
the patriarch of the family, Aryeh (also Lewek) who lived about 1750-1815
(approx). His wife was Blima, and another branch of the family took
on the surname BLUMENZON (the one >from which I descend). Blima appears to
have died in Piotrkow in 1839, alternately with surnames LEWEK and LEWKOWICZ.

Please respond privately.


Steve Bloom
Farmville, VA

p.s. I am placing this on JGFF as well.

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