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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

In my previous posting I pinpointed this Krakow marriage for Janette:

WILDER Salomon - Getzel 1894 M 78 999 Krakow Hersch - Leib Scheindel
BERNHUT Malka 1894 M 78 999 Krakow Nathan Roza czyli Reizla SZWARTZ

but commnted on the marriage of a daughter in 1905!

Thank you so much Logan [we have happily cooperated on Vienna-Galicia
research before] for linking my findings in the previous posting to
this Krakow family tree - the fit is perfect. We even have the sister
Rose, Janette told us about for Sadie [identified by Logan as
Szeindel WILDER, dob May 10,1879

Now it is all clear: the parents must have undergone a civic marriage
in 1894 - to legitimise the children with respect to prevailing
Austrian law before emigration; they probably married first in the
late 1860s with a religious ceremony:

| !x Salomon Getzel WILDER 1841 #321
| ! m:Malka BERNHUT 1839 #363
| ! | married 1894 #78
| ! |o Roza WILDER Aug 10, 1874 #486
| ! |x Natan WILDER Jan 6, 1877 #47
| ! |o Szeindel WILDER May 10, 1879 #346
| ! |x Eizyk WILDER Aug 25, 1881 #526 - Dec 13, 1884
| ! |x Symche WILDER Apr 19, 1884 #263

Had the children moved to Vienna or asked for a travel document [for
the USA] without a civic marriage, they would have been issued
passports under the name Bernhut [their mother's maiden name].

How is it I can find other people's gtgtgrandparents' wedding [with
links to gtgtgtgrandparents!] but have yet to find my own paternal
grandparents' wedding in London in the late 1880s? Wish me luck.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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