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Alan Shuchat wrote: (Steve Orlen) wrote:

Dear Cousins,

The 1906 KIev Gubernya Duma Voters List offers this peculiar name:
VOLYNSKIJ, God'. Can anyone shed some light on the given name? Also,
under the heading Qualifications, many people have this: Po
imushch.tsenzu. What does this mean?

Best, Steve Orlen
Tucson, AZ
I think it's short for Godel', possibly Gedaliah in Hebrew. The
phrase means the person was qualified to be on the list because of
property ownership.

With respect, Alan, it is the other way round.

God is a Hebrew name (as explained by others on this list)
occasionally used in Eastern Europe.
Godel or Godl is the Yiddish diminutive of God.

There is no connection with Gedalya.

Perets Mett

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