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Evelyn Filippi

Hi All
.First I would again like to thank all the many people that have
taken the time to help me. i have added many names to my tree and am in
touch with people i never knew existed.I must have has over 30 responses
and special thanks to Heshel again and again .
I have not had much time lately to work on my tree. But i have been seeing
letters about the court in vienna. My mothers family were among other
things in gold and jewery and designers and my grandfather or
greatgrandfather made golden ducks that walked for the tzar. My mothers
family were >from Nadworner and Stansislwow and Hungry and then moved to
Vienna . My mother told me when she was a child she could make a
watch >from scratch As a child she was given a piece of thread with 7
knots in it and if she could take out the knots she could do anything and
she did. Anyway i have been thinking of asking the room for anything they can
think of to find out about the golden ducks or anybody that had
connection with the court and worked in gold and maybe find more family
which is my main interst The families names on my mothers side were Bergler
Brandner Hass Mausner Seidenwerk and Schneider Banner Dolleng which i am
researching and hoping to find more. After the war my uncle had a jewelery
store in Belguim and his daughter worked with gold in Vienna and without
even knowing that the golden gene seems to run in our family my
daughter worked also in a jewlery store.
Anyway thank you again in advance. Preety soon i will have more people
helping me then i have in my tree.
Evelyn Filippi

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