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Ada Green

On Wed, 2 Aug 2006 17:58:48 -0400 in her message re Gravesite Photos
Plotzker Section NY Mt Zion Cemetery wrote:

> Due to a database glitch many death dates show the first of the month.

It is not a database glitch and can be prevented in the future by
"initiating" your Excel spreadsheet before you begin entering data.
To do that, please take the following steps:

1. Highlight enough blank area to cover all of the rows and columns that
you anticipate you will be using, especially the data fields containing
dates. In the JOWBR template that you can download at , the date fields
are columns E, G, H, and J, but I simply highlight all data fields >from A
through Q. That includes the comments field because you never know when
you might need to note discrepancies in dates between the gravestone and
other records.

2. Go to the toolbar at the top and click on "cells".

3. In the "format cells" box that appears, highlight the word "text" and
click OK.

4. Un-highlight the area you highlighted in item 1. above and immediately
save the file. Voila, you will now have date-perfect data >from the moment
you begin entering it. This procedure should be done each time you create
a new spreadsheet, even if you keep using the same template.

Ada Green

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