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Hi Genners,
My dad went >from Vilkomir, Lithuania to Havana, Cuba in 1923. He expected to
be able to immigrate to the US in 1924 as his brother was already here and a
citizen. Then the law changed. My dad remained in Cuba until he got a job on
a boat (ship). When the boat (ship) came to NY he went to his family and
remained in NY the rest of his life.

I have his petition for naturalization and final papers and some questions
which I hope this posting will help me answer. His petition states he entered
the country on a "boat". Does the use of the word boat, instead of ship, mean
that it was a commercial not passenger ship? Are there lists of workers on
boats? Would a commercial boat entering NY harbor have its crew go through the
same process as crew on a ship. He claims to have arrived on August 30, 1930
but did not file his social security application until 1936. My parents did not
marry until 1941. Would a boat/ship come directly >from Havana to NY. My dad
got to Havana via Rotterdam. Would Holland American line have manifests for
that time period. Finally, I have family in England. Has anyone had any
experience with the Cuban Counsulate there. Would they be helpful in knowing
what documents are available for that time period.
Thanks for your help.
Carol Blumnenthal-Cohen

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