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Nurit Kraus-Friedberg writes: I recently discovered that my
gggrandmother's maiden name was TYM. I've never heard of this name,
ever, on anyone. I have, however met people with the name DYM. Does
anyone out there have any information on these two names and if they
are variants of each other?

Nurit tells us they were >from Galicia and as we know, many Galicians
settled in Vienna, I looked for traces there. I could of course look
intensively on jri-pl and other sites but in the meantime I can
confirm that a TYM lived and died in Vienna:

TYM Abraham aged 74 died 01.08.1915 buried Zentralfriedhof Gate 1
Group 50 row 49 grave 63A

There are however seven Galician DYM buried in Vienna.

We can see that Abraham was born in 1841 - but where? A study of the
records in Vienna should tell us.

However, sadly Yad Vashem tells us more: there are under 30 TYM
victims mostly >from Strzow, Rzesow, Lwow/Lemberg - a few from
Tarnopol Krakow and also >from Sanok. We remember them all here today
Most of them have POTs. Here again the DYM predominate - there are
about 400 and most have POTs. They come >from more or less the same
areas that the TYM come from. There are no TYM holocaust victims
from Vienna but 14 DYM settled there and you can see where they came

Celia Male [U.K.]

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