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On Wed, 9 Aug 2006 14:18:06 UTC, (Michele
Seligmann) asked:

I am looking for the origin of family name AMSTERDAM - My grandfather
was Abram ( Adolf ) - at time of war living in Krakow. I know the
my family goes back at least up to my great grand father - Is there a
Sephardic connection ??

Thanks in advance Michele Lowy Seligmann

searching for LOWY, Teplice Shonau, Brno AMSTERDAM in Krakow,
Rzeszow, - KNAUL/ BORGEN in Sambor , WIESENFELD in Rzeszow
The obvious answer, which I'm sure you have considered and discarded for
good reasons, is that he, or earlier forebears, lived in Amsterdam before
migrating to Poland. You haven't said why this is an inadequate explanation.

There were many sfaradim in Holland after the 15th century, seeking a haven
from the Spanish Inquisition, and your family may have a heritage >from them.
But it isn't true that all Dutch Jews were Sfaradim at any time in history
-- witness the considerable representation of Yiddish in Dutch slang.

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